A Tale of Love: So True

Sometimes events happen that have not been planned and one wonders why they should take place. This is the beauty of life and one can only conclude that such events are the handiwork of the Lord.

I remember sitting in the office of the club secretary Colonel Gupta and telling him that I'm going to drive down to Bombay from Indore. He had looked at me quizzically and said, “ I have a request for you, Groupie.” Groupie is the short form of Group Captain, equivalent to a full Colonel in the US Army.

“ What is it?” I asked.

“Are you planning to travel alone or do you have someone with you?”

I looked at the Colonel and replied that I was traveling alone, as I usually do and as the distance is over 650 km I would be having a halt at Nashik

The secretary smiled and said, “I've got a request for you; there's a young lady wife of an officer who's serving in the front with the 9 Guards in Ladakh and she wants to go to Mumbai. I wonder if it's possible for you to take her with you as you are traveling alone.”

“ Wonderful,” I replied, “this is something which I don't mind at all. Who is the lady and why don't you just call her over so we can have a pow-wow because I plan to leave the day after.”

The colonel dialed the lady's number and very soon the girl came driving a scooter. she must be around 29 or 30 and that would make her 20 years younger than me. When she actually got down from the scooter and entered the office made me realize that she was extremely beautiful and the shorts that she wore accentuated her lovely legs. I could make out from her complexion which was dusky, that she was a South Indian. She walked into the office of the secretary.

The Colonel rose from his chair and motioned her to sit down and then looked at me and said,” this is Revathi and she would like a ride to Mumbai. She's not very comfortable traveling by train because of the spread of Covid all around and it would be very nice if you could help her out.”

I readily agreed as we shook hands and I told Revathi that I would pick her up the day after tomorrow and she must keep her bags ready.

“ I don't have lots of luggage,” she said,” just a small handbag because I would be going to my parent's place in Kandivali.” She smiled at me and I found that it was one of the prettiest smiles that I had ever seen. She said, “Groupie, it will be very nice traveling with you and the day we travel and I'll keep some breakfast ready so we can have it on the way.”

I looked at her and her and said, “I must inform you that the distance to Mumbai is nearly 650 km and I'm not going to drive hell-bent for leather. I would like to have a halt at Nashik and accordingly will make a reservation at the Taj.”

She smiled and said,” it's OK.”

I picked her up the next day and set course on the road from Mhow to Dhule. This is a wonderful stretch of road which is totally empty with very little traffic and I drove a bit slowly. I wanted to keep seeing the girl sitting next to me on the seat. This is life and I was wondering what Lord Krishna had in mind that he could ask such a beautiful girl to travel along with me.

We stopped on the way under a tree and she opened her package. She had brought some chicken and egg sandwiches and a thermos with hot coffee. Both of us drank and talked about all sorts of things and I came to know that she's been married for seven years. “your kids not traveling with you?” I asked. She gave a deep sigh and said, “no Lord Krishna has not been kind to me.”

“Well, I said,” nothing to worry about, the Lord has his own mysterious ways and he's going to solve your problem very soon.”

We drove to Dhulia and had lunch at a South Indian cafeteria. This is a lovely place that serves sumptuous South Indian food and Revathi really loved it. As the day passed, I commented, “you are beautiful, and am sure you are Tamil Brahmin.” She laughed and replied, “ yes, I can make out that you are a Punjabi.”

“ How did you decide on that?” I asked.

“Well, it's your build and your complexion which is much fairer than men from the south.”.

We had now become animated and fairly happy together and we discussed so many things and then she told me,” I don't know how long my marriage is gonna last now and I desperately wanted to take a week and 10 days off. I didn't want to travel by train, it's so nice that you're going to Mumbai and I can come with you.”

After lunch, we had just driven 100 miles when suddenly the heavens opened up and it began to rain heavily. I slowed down my SUV as visibility is getting reduced. “Listen,” I said, “ I will stop the vehicle for some time because of the heavy rain and the road getting slippery. In any case, we're only about an hour's drive from Nashik .”

With the rain falling all around I brought the vehicle to a halt and Revathi pulled the seat to the reclining position and closed her eyes. It was obvious she's gonna take a nap. As she slept, I looked at her closely, and the more I saw her the more I liked her. I am 50, a bachelor and I wondered once again why this beautiful girl had been put in my car. I looked at it closely and I could see her breathing and the slow dilution up and down of her bust, accentuating the curve of her small pert breasts.

Later we continued to the Taj and checked in. It was obvious to the staff that probably this girl was my wife or girlfriend and I made no attempt to dispel this information. The bell boy took us to the room while outside the rain continue to fall. I opened the veranda and the cold wind began to blow inside. Revathi exclaimed that she loved the rain so much and ran out onto the porch. I looked at her a little sternly and said,” you better get back inside or you're going to get wet.”

Just ahead of the porch was a lovely small lawn and then the inexplicable happened. She put her leg out and then somehow she slipped and fell on the green grass with the rain falling pell-mell on her. I reached quickly to her and lifted her up and cradled her in my arms. I took her inside the room. This was an electric moment; I've never been able to explain it because spontaneously I kissed her. I wonder why I should have done it but there seemed to be overpowering waves all around and then the thunder began to boom and boom again and I whispered to her, “you are absolutely wet.”

“Yes I am,” she replied, “ but I don't mind it,”

I replied. “I mind it because you could get a chill.” The kiss had broken the ice between us and now I unbuttoned her blouse as my lips sought hers again. What followed was something mystic, maybe hedonistic. What is it? it has been defined as an esoteric delight and with the rain falling outside and the girl cradled in my arms, the inevitable was to happen and it did happen.

When I closed my eyes I realized that I was moving in heaven and Lord Indra was there and there were beautiful nymphs and Houris singing songs. The crash of thunder brought us closer and then as willed by the Lord the inevitable happened. Even now I cannot explain how this could take place; it was something ordained by the Lord.

We dressed and went down to the dining hall for the buffet dinner. No words were spoken between us but only twice did she hold my hand as we added the dishes to our plates. She wanted to have a glass of whiskey. There are very very few women who drink whiskey but she drank a fair amount. There was no one in the dining hall and I could make out that Revathi was slightly sozzled. How was I going to take her to our room? I did something which I can’t explain as I just lifted her up from the chair in my arms and with the waiters watching climbed up the wooden staircase. I walked to our room and opened and laid her on the bed. Overcome by passion, I could do nothing but bury my face in the most esoteric part of her body.

We spent the entire night in rare transports of pleasure and the next morning she washed and was ready. I kissed her and said only one word, “thank you” She looked at me and replied, “I wonder why Lord Krishna gave you to me.”

“ I wish I knew,” I replied.

I dropped her at her residence in Kandiville wondering all the time what the future is going to hold for me. I had my seat booked to Dubai and would be soon gone. Was this relationship going to bear fruit? I just do not know and I'm still waiting for an answer. I wonder if I ever will have an answer.



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MG Singh

MG Singh

An early retired a air warrior now a corporate advisor. A prolific writer on the net and a man who has written 13 books including five novels