Is Zelenskyy a “War Criminal”

Zelensky’s full name is Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy. Who is he? he is the 6th president of Ukraine, a country that has been part of Russia for centuries. By a quirk of fate in 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed under its own burden, it voted for independence. This was bit of an anachronism as the Ukrainians and Russians are the same racial stock and are known as Slavs. The Nazi’s considered the Slav race as inferior and treated them harshly but some Ukrainian’s did collaborate with the Nazis; this is an inalienable fact.

Zelensky became president but his past was not conducive to his education in the world of politics. He, from day one, allowed his personal hatred to displace reason and he thought to break once and all from the Russian roots, join the West, EU and NATO. He assumed the West in particular the EU would be grateful to him and he would be treated as the last frontier of the EU against Russia and overall he would be a hero. He assumed NATO and the USA will come running to fight for him against Russia and that delusion clouded his thinking. He turned out to be a naive person who had little knowledge of power politics, in particular the mind of Joe Biden and in effect he has led his people to death, devastation, and destruction.

We must remember that a war criminal is one who not only starts a war without reason but also a person who instigates a war by his actions. Zelensky qualifies for this. Many leaders from the West have been calling Vladimir Putin a ‘war criminal’ but I think this is just rhetoric and has no meaning because if you go through the statements and the actions of the Russian president, he perhaps feels that he's fighting fighting a righteous war.

John Joseph Mearsheimer the famous American political scientist and international relations scholar, and R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago has clearly stated that the war is the culmination of the actions of America and Zelensky played into the hands of Joe Biden. He goes on to say that for Russia and Putin the expansion of NATO eastwards was an existentialist crisis and Putin had to respond. In this entire episode Zelensky over estimated his importance to the West and is now paying a terrible price.

The fact is America created the enemy ie. Russia and found a convenient stooge in Yelensky. This showed him to be a naive person and under a delusion. He played into the hands of the Anglo -Saxon powers who egged him on and the result is a Russian invasion and defeat for Ukraine. There are many people talking that the Russians are bogged down, they are beaten and some are clapping that the Ukrainians have put up a good fight but that leads nowhere. I will just quote the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson who on a visit to India stated that Russia is likely to win this war. (

Zelensky and death

In the Gita the song divine, Lord Krishna says a brave man is one who does his duty to his people and saves them as a just and righteous leader. In effect the Lord says the man has to be a realist who thinks of his subjects and not be misled into a fantasy. This is something that Zelenskyy has precisely done, he has played into the hands of the Americans and the result is death and destruction.

No American boots are on the ground, there was never a chance that such a thing will happen, but the delusion went to Zelenskyy’s head. Look at the way in the beginning, how he was addressing the EU parliament, Congress and other important forums asking for more weapons, troops, no-fly zone etc and what did he get ? Nothing. No membership of NATO, EU , nothing. You can see his change of demeanour and his harassed face now and he is pleading for a meeting with Putin. It will not happen so easily and as you can see from the map the Russians have occupied a vast tract of land in Ukraine and Mariupol is captured.

The Result

Zelensky has bought untold misery on the Ukrainian people, a once prosperous granary of Europe has been destroyed. In addition large areas of territory have been lost by the Ukrainian Army to Russia. The Western powers have not intervened and Ukraine and Yelensky may have now realised the futility of war. The fact is thousands of Ukrainians have been killed and in addition over 5 million refugees are swarming Europe. The cities are destroyed. These are the signs of a man living in a delusion and leading his country to death and destruction.

We must also remember that this man is not a person in shining armor, as his name features in the Panama papers with 35 other politicians. He has salted away, untold amounts of money in dollars in property and other investments in London and Virgin Islands. This money will certainly help him and he will escape just as George Bush escaped despite launching a war on the false pretext that Saddam Hussein had WMD( Weapons of Mass Destruction). He had none.

Zelensky has perhaps not realized what he has done. He has forgotten what the Lord Krishna said; He said, that karma of man dictates the future and one can be sure that the law of karma will catch up with Zelensky and he will have to answer for the crime of having destroyed Ukraine and his his own people.

All this could have been easily avoided if the simple demands of security by Russia, had been accepted. but Zelensky was under a delusion and now the Ukrainian people are fighting a futile war.

The Russian offensive is accelerating and the entire Black Sea coast is almost under Russian control. Death and destruction stalks the people. In such a case Zelensky has a lot to answer for.

Many including expatriates from Ukraine in America and Canada are cheering but is that the aim of life that thousands should die, so that a few in the West can clap hands?



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MG Singh

MG Singh

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